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Here are some words describing "Painting With Wax":

From Michael Bossom:

Encaustic Art enables anyone to experience creative art easily

The wax colours can be re-activated at any future time - change is ALWAYS an option.

Unfreezable paint allows lots of exploration and instantly finished results - wax cools in seconds, so no need to watch the paint dry!

There is no age barrier and no skill requirement for beginning encaustic art.

Use good products - the non-absorbent card and powerful wax block colours are proved to work - poor choice of materials leads to frustration.

Don't try to preconceive when you begin, just choose a "direction" or "approach" - respond to what happens, not what you thought would happen!

Float the iron on the wax, don't squash it to death - a light gentle touch will produce good coloured effects best.

Don't try to use the iron like a brush, poking at the wax with the point - it is an iron, so be bold and light-handed, use it flat, then later on edge.

The stylus is designed for graphical input, like a pen-brush that allows drawing of lines & shapes and blending for shading too.

Seek out information, there is much online, also books and DVDs. Understand how diverse and fascinating encaustic art is for so many people.  (http://www.encaustic.com)

More from others:

Keep it simple - just go with the flow!

My Encaustic Art

Well, I haven't done much, yet, towards this, but I have made a start!  This has mostly been thanks to the kindness of Jinny and Pammie at the Encaustic Art Forum.

First ever attempt

This was my first ever attempt, using a travel iron rather than the proper encaustic iron. I was actually quite pleased, though I know it's far from the kind of thing that can be produced with a little practice.

Second attempt
This was my second attempt, using darker colours and different techniques - just playing around really!  It does show how different the results can be according to colours and techniques used.

Third attempt

This was my third attempt, done at Jenny's behest for her friend Sonia, who is tempted to have a go at Encaustic Art, too.

I'm still experimenting, and trying to get the heat setting just right.  The first two, I had the iron too hot, while the third cooled rather too much!  This shouldn't be an issue with the proper iron, but I'm immensely grateful to my friends for being given a chance to get a start much earlier than I expected.

Since the above three I've been busy playing with my waxes and have come up with the following:

Ripples and Rushes Red Dunes
                            Ripples & Rushes                                                            Red Dunes
Alien Landscape 2 My First Landscape
                                Alien Landscape                                                    My 1st Landscape
My Second Landscape My Third Landscape
                                            My 2nd Landscape                                    My 3rd Landscape
Alien Valley
Alien Valley

For our 25th (Silver) Wedding Anniversary, I made this card for Jenny, which incorporates an encaustic piece I did specially for it:

Silver Wedding Card

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